Are You Ready To Sell Your Home At the Top Market Price?

Are you struggling to sell a property in today's tough market? Wondering if you can command top dollar for the home you love? Scared you'll be on the market for another 6 months? The truth is, your house gets a 30 second audition.

Once a buyer walks through your door, you have just 30 seconds to get to “I like it!” That's how fast people decide to linger or say, "Next house, please." They're faster (and more critical) than judges on American Idol.

Buying a home is not just a numbers game. People buy with their hearts as well as their heads. They imagine themselves living in your home—sleeping in your bedroom, cooking on your stove, hosting parties, and entertaining friends.

When your property doesn't sell…

Chances are, buyers sense a strong “no” feeling when they walk through the door—like getting hit in the face with a blast of cold, arctic air. They can’t wait to get out of the house.

Sometimes buyers say no at the curb. That’s right: they don’t even get out of their cars. Even the most brilliant real estate agent in the world can’t make a sale that way.

So, wouldn't it be nice to get buyers hooked in the first two minutes? Negotiate offers faster than you believe possible? Avoid price reductions? Maybe even going off the market to get a fresh start?

Hi, I'm Pam Ellis, a professional home stager. If you are determined to sell your home at the top market price, you've come to the right place. As an artist, I know design techniques to make any home warm and appealing. As a professional home stager, I know the triggers that motivate buyers.

My goal is to create an environment that captures your buyer's attention, while respecting the integrity of your home. Your house moves quickly to center stage, recognized as a unique and valuable property.

Most of my clients are surprised at how quickly they hear the magic words: "Yes! I want to live in this! Where do I sign?"

“Pam tunes into the buyer's emotional experience. She has a knack for setting a tone that triggers buyer appeal but still picks up on the home's unique personality.

Pam seems to read the sellers' minds. One of my clients was concerned that a stager might go all 'cutesy' with the house. But after Pam staged, they were absolutely thrilled! They wished they had used Pam's choices for style and colors while they lived there.

Pam comes to each job with a sense of humor, along with a sense of style and her own artistic flair. She takes the fear out of staging and turns each staging into a virtuoso performance.”

- Sarah Ford

If you don’t stage your house now, your bank account will hate you later.

Every real estate agent will tell you about a house that spent seven months (or more) on the market, but sold within weeks after being staged by a trained professional. So smart sellers view staging as an investment, not an expense. Compare your investment in home staging with your first price reduction. Usually it's a no-brainer.

“It has been proven that staged homes sell faster and for more money. Why else would nearly every developer in the area invest in staging?

Further, the Internet has become the new open house. Empty houses just do not photograph well. Staging has become an essential component in selling real estate.”

- Scott Monroe

But why wait while your house grows stale in a slow market? Why not let us turn your house into a hot property that buyers will fight over?

“Pam knows how to add the 'wow' factor to any listing. She is great at working with the furniture clients have without forcing them into expensive purchases just when they're feeling stretched.

My favorite: Pam transformed a drab utilitarian bachelor's pad into a dramatic urban chic condo that sold in one week!”

- Bonnie Wyatt

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